Abbreviation for Average Directional Index. It is a technical indicator that is used to gauge the strength or weakness of a trend in the financial markets.


The concurrent purchasing and selling of a financial asset at two separate prices in two separate markets, yielding profits with minimal risks.


Also referred to as offer. It is the lowest price at which a seller agrees to sell a financial asset.


The underlying instrument essential for determining a contract. It can be a precious metal, stock, currency pair, or bond.

At the Money

When a trade breaks even – the trader neither profits or loses.


The term altcoin originated when there was a much larger gap between bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies in terms of adoption, market cap and trust. At the time, cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin were referred to as altcoins (or alternative coins). The term has stuck among cryptocurrency traders and is still used to refer to lower cap cryptocurrencies.


Base Currency

The first currency in a currency pair quotation. The base currency always equals “1” while the quote, or counter currency reflects the value of the base currency.


A trader who believes that the price of an asset will fall.

Bear Market

The financial market in which asset prices are falling.


The selling price of a particular financial asset.


An individual or an organization that works as the middleman between retail traders and large, established financial corporations.


A trader who believes that the price of an asset will rise.

Bull Market

The financial market in which asset prices are rising.


Blocks are fundamental to how blockchains and cryptocurrencies work. A block is simply a collection of data representing transactions that took place in a given period of time. Blocks are immutable after they are published and are linked together to form a chain of time-stamped data entries.


A blockchain is essentially a ledger of transactions. Unlike the ledgers kept by banks, they are public and distributed. They are the underlying technology of all cryptocurrencies and allow users to transact with each other without the need for trusted third parties (like banks, PayPal, Western Union etc).

Blue Chip

Shares of large and well-established organizations.



Initials for Contract for Difference. It is basically an agreement between an investor and an investment institution. When the agreement expires, the parties exchange the difference between the opening and the closing prices of a particular financial asset through cash payments.

A general name that refers to basic physical items that are either grown or mined. Examples include coffee, precious metals, and oil.

A type of a financial asset that can be traded. Currencies are usually traded in pairs.


Demo Trader

A trading account that enables a potential investor to review and get accustomed to the features of a trading platform using virtual money before engaging in actual trading.

A financial contract whose worth relies upon or is derived from the performance of one or more underlying assets. Examples of underlying assets are stocks, bonds, or indices.

A portion of a company’s profits paid to every shareholder.


Expiry time
Also called expiration. It’s the time and date when a trade of a financial instrument expires.



In the cryptocurrency space, the word fiat is used to describe traditional currencies as opposed to cryptocurrencies. The word means “it shall be” in Latin, referring to the fact that traditional currencies are simply declared to be legal tender by governments and are rarely backed by anything.

Financial Instrument

Any type of a tradable asset. Examples include currencies, futures, options.

A situation whereby a trader does not have any running position in the market.

The short form of foreign exchange.


Fud is an acronym that stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is used by cryptocurrency traders to refer to the spreading of negative sentiment.

Fundamental Analysis
A type of market analysis that evaluates the related economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative aspects that affect the performance of a particular financial instrument.



The disparity that exists on charts between the closing price of one trading session and the opening price of the subsequent trading session.



A trading strategy that involves developing techniques of reducing or avoiding extensive losses when trading in the financial markets.


In the Money

A phrase used to illustrate when a trader makes profit.

Intraday trading

Opening and closing of transactions in the financial market during one trading day, without transferring to the next.


Represents a group of representative stocks within a stock exchange. Some of the most popular indices are the S&P 500, NASDAQ and the FTSE 100.


Market Maker

A brokerage company that is willing to buy and sell financial instruments to provide the needed liquidity to the markets.

Market Price
The present price at which a financial instrument is being traded in the market.

Mining is the first and still the most popular method of keeping blockchains secure. Miners confirm transactions, time-stamping entries to the blockchain and hashing them. They are also rewarded with newly minted coins for contributing their processing power to keep the network secure.



An instruction to a brokerage firm to either buy or sell a financial instrument at the said price.

Out of the Money

A phrase used to illustrate when a trader did not receive a profit under the contract.



The smallest unit of measurement used in determining exchange rates between currencies.


The system or technology provided by brokers.


The amount of money that was received from a successful trade.

Private Key

Your private key is the digital signature used to unlock your cryptocurrency wallet and to sign transactions. It is essentially the password for your cryptocurrency holdings and as such should be kept secure and not shared with anyone.

Public Key

Your public key is basically your cryptocurrency address. This is the code that you give out when requesting a payment.


Also called refund. It is the portion or the entire invested amount given back to the investor at the end of a trade.

Software designed with pre-set trading signals that gauge when to open or close a position in the market without human intervention.


The act of prolonging the settlement date of a running position in the market.



A trading strategy that involves opening and closing short-term positions with the intention of making accumulated profits.


Quote Currency

The second currency in a currency pair quotation. Also called counter currency. This reflects the value of one unit of the first currency in the pair (Base Currency).


Technical Analysis

A method of evaluating the movement of financial instruments through studying past market data, such as charts of price and volume, as a basis for forecasting future price behavior.


An investor engaging in transactions in the financial markets.

To the moon

“To the moon” is a term used by cryptocurrency traders when they are expecting or witnessing a drastic increase in the value of a coin. When these drastic surges in value take place a coin is said to be “mooning”.



A measure of the rate of fluctuation of the price of a financial instrument over a period of time.



A wallet is simply somewhere that you can keep your cryptocurrency holdings. Crypto wallets are divided into:

Software wallets, which can be installed on your computer.
Mobile wallets, which are available for mobile devices.
Web wallets, which are hosted online and are available through any web browser.
Paper wallets, which are made by printing your public and private keys (or QR codes) on a piece of paper and securing it the old fashioned way.
Hardware wallets, which are small USB devices that hold your private keys and so must be plugged into your computer for you to be able to sign a transaction.

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